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Sedda Ar Baccas- Donanigoro ring

With this easy 2-days hike we will visit many of the most beautiful places of the internal Supramonte as it is a real concentrate of the most beautiful and interesting places of the Supramonte. The first day, shortly after departure, we will admire the high walls of the Gorropu canyon, then we will cross the deep gorge of Flumineddu stream an then we will go up towards the magnificent nuraghe of Mereu. After a long crossing, we will arrive from the nuraghe to the isolated plateau of Campo Donanigoro surrounded by ridges. During the excursion we will meet several ancient shepherds' huts (called pinneti) and perhaps we will be able to meet some herds of mouflons. The second day we will visit the chasm of Su Sercone, which is the largest sinkhole in Europe with 400 meters in diameter and 100 in depth,  then we will visit the cave of Capriles walking through hidden passages, where Nuragics drew water, and finally we will descend in sa Giuntura where the gorges carved by the Flumineddu, Orbisi and Titione streams converge.

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