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great crossing of the supramonte

The Grande Traversata del Supramonte (GTS) is a fascinating hike that crosses the Supramonte of Orgosolo, Dorgali and Oliena for 50 km. They are isolated places that enchant the visitor by projecting him into the past of the ancient shepherds, who lived in almost primitive conditions, far from their families. Beside the evidence of the past, which dates back to the Nuragic Age, the GTS also enchants for its varied and magnificent landscapes such as Monte Novo San Giovanni, the primary forest of Sas Baddes, the plateau of Campo Donanigoro, the chasm of Su Sercone and the ridges of Monte Corrasi. Unlike the Selvaggio Blu, the GTS is not an extreme trek and can be travelled by anyone  with a minimum of training; it can be travelled independently in 4 days finding water on site, or more easily in 5 days with logistical support.


Difficulty E

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