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In addition to excursions in Carloforte on San Pietro Island, we organize hikes throughout the Sardinia territory, from the most basic routes, but never banal, to the most adventurous such as the Iscalas in Supramonte or the multi-day treks. Sardinia is one of the most beautiful and rugged regions of Italy, exploring it with trekking means enjoying not only vast views and a wild uncontaminated nature, but also having a contact with the inheritance left by our Nuragic ancestors and with the traditions of the pastoral world that are still existing.

The Iscalas of Supramonte deserves a separate discussion. They are particular itineraries discovered by the ancient goat herders to overcome apparently inaccessible cliffs without mountaineering equipment. These "mountaineering shepherds" ventured between the rocky walls to retrieve the goats, to look for water inside the caves or just to shorten their movements. As evidence of their living conditions and the efforts made to live in this area, the ancient inhabitants of Supramonte left us not only numerous Pinnetti, the huts where they lived, but also their Iscalas which have been recently rediscovered and recovered.

Below are just some of the many possible excursions.




via ferrata

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daily trekking

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Backpacking (Multi-day trek)

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