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Why should you go trekking in Carloforte on San Pietro Island?

Walking along the territory of the island means walking through wild beautiful places, that soften in spring thanks to the colours of  blooms and that reveal all their severity in winter, recalling the landscape of Ireland or Scotland; some areas have an unusual lunar appearance. A changing landscape that winds from the coast to the hills, from the sea to the volcanic colourful rocks, which are carved and shaped by the force of the wind and the waves.

Our hiking program makes the territory available at any time of the year and enables you to explore every corner including sea caves and hidden coves, experiencing paths of variable degrees of difficulty that can be personalised.

The purpose of our excursions is to enable those who love landscapes and nature to enjoy them completely, benefiting from the colours offered by the changing seasons, the scents of the local flora, the variety of the landscapes, the presence of animal species such as the Blue Rock Trush , the Herring-Gull and Adouin’s Gull, the Peregrine Falcons and the Eleonora's Falcons. The island hosts the second-largest colony of these species in the Mediterranean Sea.

Visiting Carloforte on San Pietro Island also means discovering a small town considered one of  the most beautiful villages in Italy, an ancient colony of Ligurian settlers, characterised by a typical architecture and a maritime and fishing tradition that offers delicious gastronomic specialities.

The Maestrale path (Sentiero del Maestrale) is the hiking trail that best allows you to appreciate the natural  beauty of San Pietro Island, a 37 kilometres route that crosses the most beautiful places in 3-4 days always remaining close to the sea. Besides the routes in the local area, our initiatives extend to all of Sardinia, in order to offer the opportunity to visit other Sardinian territories, with daily or multi-day trekking excursions with bivouac, itineraries on via ferrata, accompaniment to the cliffs, climbing routes and canoeing excursions.

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Trekking in Carloforte – San Pietro Island

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