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maestrale path

The Maestrale path is a new coastal path of 37 kms which takes 3-4 days, with bivouac and possibility of logistical support, or with daily treks and return to the town in the evening. The Sentiero Maestrale winds along the most beautiful coasts of the island from La Punta to La Conca with an ever present spectacular panorama among the vegetation, woods and high rocky walls including the volcanic rocks with a thousand fantastic shapes through which you will reach the sea sometimes calm and transparent and sometimes stormy. It is a challenging excursion that requires the ability to move on difficult terrain, in addition you have to be physically fit. During the summer we can freshen up by swimming in isolated and hidden coves, natural pools or in beautiful sea caves. The landscape becomes wilder in winter, recalling the coasts of Ireland or Scotland lashed by the wind and the waves. It will be possible to face the trek self-sufficiently, carrying food supplies, tents and everything you need, or bringing a light backpack and benefiting from of logistical support that will provide you all the necessary equipment and meals in private areas where bivouacs are set up.

Difficulty E-EE

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